How to get your ex-girlfriend back

Generally it’s not at all a good idea to keep thinking about your ex or trying your heart and soul to reconcile with the one whom you had a bitter separation a months ago for example. You lose the trust and the feelings of genuine love which you have had for your ex and it is mainly the hangover of the previous relation which is forcing you to think about your ex. But if you are really sorry for the way you fought with your girlfriend which finally culminated into a bitter separation and you desperately want your ex-girlfriend back into your life, then we are here for you to help you patch up with your ex-girlfriend.

Before discussing on how to get your ex-girlfriend back, let’s talk about the deadly mistakes that boys commit while trying to go for reconciliation so that you never opt for these methods.

Mistake No.1- Pleading

Pleading to your girlfriend is a complete turnoff because that they will put her off. Your intuition will tell you that if you plead, your girlfriend will be sympathetic towards you and will come running toward you. but the reality is, you will come as a weak and insecure person if you plead often..And girls by nature opt for a strong-willed and straight-faced person.

Mistake No.2- Texting and Calling continuously

This is a really an irritating thing for your girlfriend. Continuously texting them and calling them up will piss them off. Same as pleading, you will come across as a needy and insecure person and girls find this behavior in men to be completely unattractive.

Mistake No.3- Showering them with unwarranted affection

Your instinct will tell you that if you shower your ex-girlfriend with loads of affection, they will be overwhelmed by your behavior and will rekindle the lost love for you in their heart. But that is a complete myth; your ex-girlfriend already knows that you are still in love with her and that is why you want her back. Showering them with unnecessary affection will make them feel claustrophobic and you will be on the verge of losing her forever.

Mistake No.4- Presenting yourself as a doormat

Driven by desperation to get your ex-girlfriend back, you allow them to do whatever they want and agree to fulfil all her demands. Presenting yourself as a doormat in front of your ex-girlfriend and letting them walk over you is one of the mistakes you will commit. Your ex-girlfriend will soon realise that you are doing all of these for their sake and this will lessen the respect for you which they had earlier. They may even take this up as an advantage for doing whatever they want and this will put an end to any chance of reuniting with your ex-girlfriend.

So, these are some of the myths that have been busted today regarding getting your ex-girlfriend back. But how can you get back your ex-girlfriend since it forms the main crux of the article. This can be done smoothly if you follow some phases:

Phase 1-Enter a no-contact zone.

This mean no contact over the phone, neither texting, nor liking their picture, re-tweeting their comments, nothing else, and neither hanging out with any common friend. In a nutshell, stay away from everything that makes you remember about your ex. You may wonder that if you don’t contact your ex for a long period of time, they may move on with their life or hook up with someone else. But the fact is that if both of you have been in a serious relationship, your ex will not be able to move on fast. So you be rest assured and practise extreme self-control in this phase.

Phase 2- Rediscover yourself

You have grieved enough after the break-up of the relation for which you completely changed and surrendered yourself. Now is the time to swing back into motion. Do something which makes you happy because after all it is what you sought after. Pursue your hobby, bring some serious change in your lifestyle, and meditate to get over the grief- in a word, bring some positive change in your attitude and behavior.

Phase 3- Time to get back to your ex-girlfriend

This is the time to establish contact once again with your girlfriend. Within this time, your ex-girlfriend will also enter a phase where they think about the best time they spent with you. They will be amazed to see a new you, positive-spirited and full of life and confidence. This will increase your chance of getting back your ex-girlfriend fast. They will feel a new kind of affection for you and this will go in your favour.


Is your relationship with your girlfriend on the rocks? Then don’t worry, relationships are bound to get sore at one point or the other. This is because we are so occupied with the things happening in our own lives that we forget to give our loved ones attention. But it’s never too late to mend your issues and get your love back.
Below are easy ways that can help you get your girlfriend back;

What went wrong?

You can’t fix a problem without knowing its cause. It is advisable for you to replicate on what was the cause of your mix-up. This shouldn’t be hard to do, you can volunteer and start a conversation and then your girlfriend will contribute and talk about the cause of your problem, . Sometimes the society can be part of the problem you are facing if you let them influence your decisions in regard to conflict resolution, so it’s time to stand up and make a personal decision ,I want to get my girlfriend back.

Converse in good conscience

Honesty is the best policy, is your fire still burning? Or has your love for each other died? These are tough questions but they ought to be answered. You should find time when you are free and open up to one another and seriously reflect on your relationship. If the end result will be you are not compatible maybe the best solution is to break up.

Is your relationship worth fixing?

Sometimes it is better to just let it go but that should be a personal decision. In the case of infidelity it can be so hard to forgive your partner and just move on .In a situation like this it is proper to ask yourself some questions. You should think of the future and if your love can be re-ignited then go ahead.

Make future goals

After you have decided whether to keep your relationship burning, then proper measures must be taken to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of the situation. It is very paramount to write future goals together and not just write but work hard on them. It is advisable to set time for interaction to make your bond strong.
Finally having a girlfriend is the best thing though it needs some commitment to make it work .Your girlfriend should be your best friend and your companion so she should stand by you through thick and thin but she also needs support and lots of affection. Take her out, buy her flowers and most of all try to fix your predicaments when they arise.